2024 Season 3 Patch 2 is live and ready for racing!


2024 Season 3 Patch 2 Release Notes [2024.06.28.01]

This Patch Release contains a variety of updates and fixes for the 2024 Season 3 Release.
This Patch includes the release of the Oswego Speedway – Dirt track configuration!
This Patch also includes an update on the widely reported GPU crashing issues that started with the 2024 Season 2 Release.


Web Data API
Results / Get
– – Added ‘strength_of_field’ and ‘num_entries’ to each car class in the event results for the class SoF and entry count.
– – Removed ‘simulated_start_utc_time’ and ‘simulated_start_utc_offset’ from results “weather” object, and added ‘simulated_start_time’ to be consistent with Weather objects in other areas of the API.
Series / Seasons
– – Removed duplicate ‘simulated_time_multiplier’ from schedule objects. Now only appears in the “weather” object in each schedule.
– – Removed ‘simulated_start_utc_time’ from the schedule “weather” objects.


Race Servers
Improved validation for allowing or disallowing rolling starts based on the selected track for an event.

AI Racing
AI Drivers have improved their wet racing lines on a variety of tracks, especially for heavy rain.
Fixed an issue when AI Drivers would sometimes space out at Superspeedways, and forget to leave the pit or grid stall.
Fixed an issue with various Asphalt Oval cars that could cause the Simulation to crash when AI Drivers were using some final drive ratios at the iRacing Superspeedway.

iRacing Weather System
Updated the visual effects for rain running up a windshield. This stops droplets from disappearing before they physically leave the windshield.
Fixed an issue where rain effects could sometimes be visible when watching Replays when it’s not raining at the current timestamp.
Improved how windshield wipers operate during Replays
Improved how wet and dry states for windshield wipers progress based on vehicle velocity and the wet/dry state of the Session.
Fixed an issue where aerospray could appear blocky when HDR was disabled.
Improved the wet/dry appearance of the windshield during Replays, particularly when rewinding or transitioning through wet/dry states.
Fixed an issue where windshield wipers were not clearing water correctly when manually activated while auto wipers were disabled.
Fixed an issue where the times used by visual effect calculations for windshields could become incorrect.

Fixed an issue where opponent cars could appear to have the incorrect wing angle settings based on what the driver had set.

An update has been made that shows evidence of avoiding the widely reported GPU crashes that started with the 2024 Season 2 Release.
– – We have added a mechanism to disable SMP/MVP/SPS only for the particle effects system code (PopcornFX). Some evidence shows these processes interacting with PopcornFX systems may be triggering the GPU crashes reported shortly after the release of the iRacing Weather System.
– – With this Patch 2 Release, those special Nvidia-only modes (SMP/MVP/SPS) bypass the PopcornFX system. These modes are still fully enabled for all other rendering. This change should have a minimal impact on performance processing and framerate.
– – – – Should you wish to override this new default, you can find two new values in your appropriate “rendererDX11*.ini” file: “PopcornFXSPSAllowed” and “PopcornFXSMPMVPAllowed”. Setting both to “1” re-enables the special Nvidia-only modes for the particle effects system.
Fixed an issue where full-resolution particle effects were not appearing correctly in the top-left quadrant of the screen.

Fixed an issue where Replays could fail to load if they included a driver who registered but failed to join the Session.

Support for Conspit pedal vibration has been added.
The latest Simucube API has been integrated.
Fixed an issue where Force Feedback was not being properly enabled when the setting: “enable360HzInterpolated=0” for Simucube wheels.

The race server name is now logged in the Session string.


<Car Class> GT3 Class Cars
iRacing setups have been updated.
– – At Daytona International Speedway and Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans, the tallest available gear ratios are now specified. Nürburgring setups have been renamed so they load at combined (Nordschleife) layouts automatically.

<Car Class> LMP1 Class Cars
For the damage model, bent wheels can now be fully repaired.

<Car Class> NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Class Cars
Tire parameters have been updated with quicker overall tire conditioning.
For the damage model, front tire sidewall friction has been reduced to improve wall collision behavior. This was especially noticeable when looking at opponent cars.

<Car Class> Rallycross Vehicles
For the damage model, slightly bent wheels are now allowed to be fully repaired when these vehicles are racing at non-Rallycross track configurations.
For the damage model, lateral break limits for wheels have been increased.

<Car Class> Stock Car Pro Series Class Cars
Fixed an issue where old Replays (using Old Damage Model) would not load with these cars.

<Car Class> Street Stocks
Fixed a visual issue where the driveshaft was slightly misaligned.
A damage model tuning update has been completed which further reduces engine damage transfer, and slightly stiffens the nose.

<Car Class> V8 Supercars Class Cars
A damage model tuning update has been completed which strengthened wheels and updated nose hulls for additional coverage of the front wheels.

Acura ARX-06 GTP
Balance of Power Adjustment: Downforce and engine power have been slightly reduced.

Fixed an issue where the interface model used the incorrect rear wing end-plates.

Rain lights have been updated.
Updated the appearance of undamaged rainlights.
Brake lights have been updated to punch-through aerospray better.
Textures for cockpit labels have been updated.
Backfire effects have been updated.
Fixed a visual issue with wheels at certain camera distances.
Fixed an issue where damaged car parts could appear on undamaged cars.

Dallara IR18
Steering weight has been reset to the pre-2024 Season 3 value.

Dallara P217
For the damage model, the nose may now be fully detached and its break limits and properties have been adjusted.

Dirt Micro Sprint Car
(Outlaws) – Fixed an issue where these model versions were unable to receive any pit service.
Improved some external engine sounds.

Ford Mustang FR500S
Fixed an issue with ambient occlusion in the interface model for this car.

Ford Mustang GT3
For the damage model, the nose is now stiffer when fully attached.
The iRacing fixed setup now has more rear camber.

Ligier JS P320
For the damage model, the nose may now be fully detached and its break limits and properties have been adjusted.

Modified – SK / NASCAR Whelen Tour Modified
(Modified – SK) – For the damage model, the front and rear bumper stiffnesses have been updated.

NASCAR Xfinity Ford Mustang
Paint patterns have been updated with black trim pieces to match the other NASCAR Xfinity cars.

Nissan GTP ZXT
A damage model tuning update has been completed which stiffens and raises the break limits for the nose, which should stop cones from destroying it.

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
Fixed an issue where rainlights were not working at far camera distances.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)
iRacing setups for SIlverstone have been updated.

Porsche 911 GT3 R (992)
Updated the texture for pull tabs in the cockpit.

Radical SR8
Fixed an issue where headlights were not working correctly at night.

Ruf RT 12R
Fixed an issue where cockpit mirrors were extra dark.

Street Stock – Casino & Eagle
Fixed an issue where the number font slant direction was reversed.

[Legacy] NASCAR Truck Chevrolet Silverado – 2008
iRacing setups have been updated.


Circuito de Navarra
Fixed an issue where a phantom rogue pit stall was placed on the racing surface, which could cause race control and surface-type related issues with cars passing through the area.
Brake markers for the final turn have been corrected.
Improved issues with visual popping for a variety of objects as the camera changes distances from them.

Daytona International Speedway
(2008 Configs) – Fixed an issue where drivers could complete full laps by circling behind pit road.

Oswego Speedway
NEW TRACK CONFIGURATION – Oswego Speedway – Dirt!
– – A new Dirt Oval track configuration is now available at this track, Dirt!
Improvements have been made to skid marks, asphalt cracks, and track surface textures.
Fixed an issue where opponent cars could sometimes appear to snag an inside wall and appear to leap into the air.
Fixed an issue where some concrete barriers, outside walls, and infield fences were non-solid objects.
Crowd positioning has been updated.

Some track textures have been updated.
Improved the visual display of the wind turbines.
Treelines have been updated.
Improved some ARMCO and track surface line textures.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca
Updated the track logo that was incorrect in a few places.

World Wide Technology Raceway (Gateway)
Updated the track logo that was incorrect in a few places.


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